About Me

I am a photographer and a freelance retoucher living in Lynchburg Virginia, where. I have a passion for portrait photography and love the challenge to capture someone’s likeness, character and inner self. I have also been privileged to be also asked to work with the organization "Quilt of Valor", who hand make quilts and present them to our retired veterans for their service.  started photographing music bands, a very exciting subject that I intend to explore further. I always walk the streets carrying a camera with me.

Finally, my philosophy is really about honesty and art. I’m not interested in trying to convince my clients to hire me based on exaggerated claims and maneuvering – I want to be the right choice for their styles and personalities. I want the images I create for my clients to be something they will love and treasure for a life time.

To protect our clients and ourselves, events and photography sessions are booked on a first-come first-served basis. A contract and deposit are required to reserve the date of any photography session.

All retainers and fees are non-refundable. There are no refunds or re-shoots for photographic services. All sales are final.

For more details on all policies and legal agreements please see contact us with any questions.